Saturday, February 14, 2009

On My Mind...At This Very Second

I'm writing a book for my pre calculus class. We are supposed to research a mathematician and then write a children's book about them. Our teacher is going to get them professionally bound and then we are going to donate them to an elementary school. Anyway, we have to include illustrations in them and I was looking for a picture of a baby(because that's how the book starts out- her birth) and I came upon this really disturbing picture:

It is really sad for me to see this, because the bone frame and the tiny hands, ribs, feet, legs, arms, UGH!!! It is heartbreaking to think of the life that was sucked away by a selfish "mother". It makes me wonder how the world has slipped so far away from God. Babies used to be seen as miracles and many mothers, especially in the colonial times, would have about 14 of them. How have they become such...burdens?
It terrorizes me to think about the fact that that baby could have been me... Thankfully, my birth mother was a christian and didn't even CONSIDER abortion. But stopping and thinking of the potential that baby could have had... he/she could have been the next Albert Einstein, or the finder of a cure for cancer, or someone who is able to bring peace in the middle east. We will never know now because that baby's chance has been stripped away.
It upsets me that my own generation is cursed with a bad name. We are seen as out of control, hormonic, teenagers who are obsessed with sex. Unfortunately, this title is not far off. Many of the conversations I hear in the hallway have to do with this topic and girls are always talking about who "did it" with whom and who they are "doing it" with now... I want to find a way to get the message to my peers that this sort of stuff is just plain WRONG. I am absolutely, 100000000% set on waiting until I'm married. I honestly believe that if people didn't focus so much on pleasing others before being fair to themselves, this would not be a problem. As a girl, I know what it feels like to want to be accepted by a boy. And I know that girls will go to great lengths, once they have one, to not let him get away. Most guys are physical... put two and two together...its not hard.
Guys may argue that they don't have the ability to control themselves. They can, but part of it is our fault. Lots of girls dress to impress, but don't realize the impact it has on the male species. JP has even said that guys would go crazy even if we wore burlap sacks with just our ankles showing. It's not their fault, that's how God made them, but we girls need to do our part to keep everyone pure.
So...on that note...I want to start movement against it...some kind of slogan or something...maybe make bracelets...posters... something to get the message out that life doesn't have to be this way. But I don't know how or where to start or if I can even do it... suggestions are appreciated!

God Bless,

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