Wednesday, September 17, 2008

YAY!! First Post! What to put...

So, today is Wednesday, and I am on the sixth week of my junior year... which is AWFUL! I'm taking a lot of hard classes because colleges look more at what you take your junior year and I want to get a scholarship somewhere... I'm kinda lacking in the money department :P My schedule includes, but is not limited to Honors Pre-Calculus, AP English III, and AP US History... GROSS!! I have made a promise to myself to take ridiculously easy classes next year when I'm a senior!

<--This is a picture of my dad and my brothers and me before a really long bike ride in the Smokey Mountains

So far in my life, I have struggled in the field :( The only time I have been asked out on a date was a complete joke in 7th grade! I know, confidence-boosting, right? Anyway, I am feeling kind of like a reject and unwanted, but I am learning to deal only with the love of God. He loves me SO much, that it pales in comparison to what any man here on earth could feel about me. My friends have also been very supportive and surprisingly tolerant of my constant bringing-up of the topic. I DO have a crush on someone right now, but no one notices me, so why should he be any different, right? I am trying to get myself over this bump in the road so that I can become more self-confident and independent. And reliant on God for happiness and fulfillment.

I am really excited about this coming weekend because I am going on a youth group trip with a bunch of youth leaders. I LOVE these guys! Seriously! I have known them for about 7 months now, but I feel as if I have known them FOREVER! They are the most amazing, caring, accepting people I have EVER met and I am so glad God put them in my life! And our youth ministers, JP, Melanie, and Jamie... they're CRAZY COOL!!!

I think thats all I can really say for now... my life is not really that... interesting, but I will try to find interesting things so I can post them for you :)

Oh... and today is my little brother Jeremiah's birthday. He's 9! I feel so OLD!! (He's the little african-american boy in the yellow shirt.)